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Lady Gaga Sounds Like A Completely Different Person When She Unexpectedly Sings Led Zeppelin

In October 2016, Lady Gaga paid a visit to The Howard Stern Show to promote her new album, “Joanne.” The entire interview gave listeners a better feel for the pop singer’s surprisingly down-to-earth personality, but the most notable (and viral) moment occurred when she went “off-script.”
When Lady Gaga was a little girl, she said she was in a Led Zeppelin cover band. Not one to shy away from the mic, she unexpectedly broke out into her favorite song by the iconic heavy metal band.
Just wait until you hear her belt out “Black Dog,” one of the Zeppelin’s more thrashing, hard-rocking songs. She sounds like a different singer altogether with a much raspier, in-your-face voice. No vocal effects, no autotune.
People have been so impressed and blown away by her rock ‘n roll sound that this short clip is showing up on just about every music blog out there.
Stern, who is also floored by her vocals during the interview, asks, “And that’ll tear your voice up, right?”
“If you don’t know how to sing, yea.”
Perfect voice, perfect answer. I had no idea Gaga could sing like this, and I hope she explores her heavier rock side in the future!
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